Welcome to So Real Sounds

So Real Sounds is a U.K Production team based in Essex & Manchester, which consist of Marv Man and Borks. The duo have been collaborating their two individual sounds since 2011 and have had several releases with various established U.K Grime artists since teaming together.

They have various credits with media channels such as the BBC, Rinse FM, DéJà vu FM and more. They have worked with various artists such as Wariko, Vader, D-Power, Jookie Mundo, BillyBoi, Killa P, AK and more.

Both Marv Man & Borks have been producing music for over 5 years mainly focusing on the UK Grime scene however they have branched out and started to produce various other genres such as House, Trap, Hip-hop, UK Garage, Dubstep, R &B, Indie.

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